Interesting facts from the life of Jack Nicholson

  1. Your real name - John Joseph Nicholson (John Joseph Nicholson)
  2. unusual circumstances of his birth:. Jack always thought that his mother was raised, and his older sister. It was only in later years, he learned that it was, accordingly, his grandmother and his mother, who went to the forgery in order to save the honor of the latter, become pregnant outside of marriage.
  3. Ancestors Nicholson were the Dutch, Irish and Italians. Li >
  4. at the graduation in the school (1954) he was voted class clown, so that the thrust in acting Jack found another classmates
  5. Nicholson -. fan of the basketball team, "Los Angeles Lakers". His contract has a clause that he can not be removed in the days when playing his favorites.
  6. Jack personally acquainted with Fidel Castro and really loves bearded Cuban dictator, who seriously considers a genius. < The actor never appears in public without sunglasses.
  7. Officially married Jack was only once, to actress Sandra Knight (1962-1968).
  8. it was a difficult 17- year romance with actress Huston Angelica, throw it, when from Nicholson gave birth to his girlfriend Rebecca Broussard
  9. has four children. daughter Jennifer from Knight, Hani daughter on the model Winnie Hollman, daughter Lorraine, and son Raymond of Broussard.
  10. it is obvious that Jack was no longer a womanizer in his youth. One of his recent statements: "I take Viagra only when I spend time with more than one woman!»
  11. He was a connoisseur of art of the XX century and has its own art collection, which has several famous works by Picasso.
  12. Nicholson fast friends with the late Marlon Brando. Among close friends now listed Seann Penn.
  13. In addition to the basketball actor enjoys golf (playing himself) and, oddly enough, wrestling (just looking).
  14. Nicholson's voice was used in telephone advertising Nokia N95 «in my pocket here and there».
  15. turned down the role of Luis Tsifera in the film "angel Heart" (1987).


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