This dog smiles for 12 years and he has to have something special reason

people's attitudes to the dogs pit bull breed is different. Some like them very much, others fear them, and quite a few of those indifferent to them.

However, Website sure: sincere and sunny smile of a pit bull named Brix conquer all

Lost Brix, as usual, wandered alone through the streets of Brooklyn when came upon John and his dog Demo..

man could not just walk past and set out to track down the owners of four-legged.

However, the real owners of the dog were found not even a month later, so John decided to take care of it.

and Now after 12 years of marriage Brix does not stop smiling from ear to ear his savior

«what is surprising is that he was smiling like a man, that is, when he was a lot of fun and good" -. John shares
<. br> «This is, for example, when he rides in the car, lying in the sun or when you give him something tasty».

«But most of all he was pleased when greet him in the morning, or stroking, while he sleeps . Perhaps, in these moments he
particularly happy. »

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