How do anti-cellulite massage with a conventional apple

Talk about apple cellulite massage!

Apple massage - an ancient procedure, but somehow forgotten in our time with success. Although now again gaining in popularity in spa-salon and various beauty centers.

How to make a good anti-cellulite massage with a conventional apple
Apples are not only rejuvenates and revitalizes our body, but also to successfully fight against cellulite and other problems of the skin.

This is due to the fact that apple juice contains a large amount of vitamin C (an antioxidant and stimulator of collagen formation), B vitamins (removing the skin rashes and irritation), and apple pulp - peptides, which are removed from the skin toxins (the main factor the formation of cellulite).

We need 5 good ripe, juicy apples are medium in size. Ideally, if it's from a home garden apples.

Cut each apple in half and put them in a bowl of hot water for 3 minutes to apples slightly warmed.

Now you take half the apple and start rubbing her body intensely.

When the juice is getting low, cut the top layer and continue to rub until half will not usable.

Now take the other half of the apple and keep it to massage the problem areas of your body.

And so, until you run out of all the apple halves.

Then spalaskivaete body under a warm shower and apply moisturizer.

This massage should be done 1 time per week for the prevention and 2 times a week to fight the orange peel

My feelings and impressions

It was just super massage. The skin is literally saturated with moisture in his eyes, red ... And you and idea how much is absorbed through the open pores of the useful apple juice.

From unpleasant stickiness and were only a little tightness of the skin, but it is quickly removed after washing with warm water.

But notice immediately after the first application, the skin became firmer and fresher.

Author: Alain Yasnev


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