Inventions that will decorate your life

In our time, every day there is all sorts of devices and devices intended for everyday life and everyday life. Shops are filled up with all sorts of Chinese crafts, and other nonsense. But the most interesting and really useful inventions or remain in single copies in the portfolio once the design studio or selling a limited edition, and certainly not in Russia. In this collection I put together the most interesting of them. I would love to become the owner of 2/3 of household gadgets :)

Here's a trivial example: on statistical research in a number of countries 90% of people singing in the bathroom. Please bast-in microphone, a trifle, but nice! In the continuation of not less interesting solutions.


Lamp for those who constantly beats all :)

Spiderman lamp to scare children


Strap-inch for men hozaystvennyh

Toaster visor for real rytserey


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