How to create a kitchen-dining room: 4 original example

Apart from the fact that the kitchen should be functional, beautiful and comfortable, there is one more for her tough requirement: the ability to accommodate guests for dinner or lunch

. Of course, this role should ideally carry a separate dining room, but not all apartments have the possibility to allocate for this purpose an entire room. The studios, where the kitchen combined with living room for dinner parties will be more space, but even very small kitchens have their own ways to solve this problem.

Let's look at four of the interior, who coped with the task of "a great success", and try to understand how they succeeded.

Bright corner

The most advantageous solution - accommodate guests on a soft couch that they were cozy and comfortable. It can be a place for sitting at the table, as in the photo below, or freestanding sofa, which can move with a glass after dinner for a nice conversation. In this arrangement the interior sofa near a window - an additional plus


For the creation of a juicy and festive atmosphere in this photo should say thank you to a simple but striking thematic posters, colored textile and sky-blue coloring of most kitchens.

The recipe of this kitchen: sofa + bright colors of textiles and decor + dining area at the window

Scandinavian romance

This kitchen is made in the Scandinavian style: bright space creates a sense of purity and lightness that is very pleasant to your guests. Massive light-suspension not only serves as a decorative accent, but also takes care of the evening light dining area: if you leave it turned on and the backlight only on top, is created chamber atmosphere


Particular attention is paid to the decor it would be desirable: it is small, but it is very accurate. Bright poster highlights the dining area, combining with a fresh bouquet on the table. Minimalist chandelier all the magic - he alone is able to transform the kitchen into a romantic dinner gatherings

. Another good solution - round table: so nobody would have to sit in the corner, and the visitors put more

. The recipe of this kitchen:. + Bright space round table + decor + good lighting dining area

Native Retro

Even in the smallest kitchen typical Russian homes can accommodate guests and surround them with comfort, do not ask for the budget. In the photo below the problem helps solve a semi-circular extension table and folding chairs.

Wooden tables clearly for many years - is evident in the design and worn table top - but it was he who adds the interior charm and an old radio and other details play up the retro style. Linen curtains, track, covering the uglier side of the refrigerator, and capes on the chairs in the same style and create a feeling of natural simplicity.

The recipe of this cuisine: the clever use of old things + + simple folding furniture textiles

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All guest

This kitchen is plenty of previous examples - is the location of the dining area is suitable if your apartment combined kitchen and living room


There are few good solutions.

The first - the carpet. It is not only beautiful and cozy, but also separates a dining area.

Second - Zoning the kitchen island, which clearly separates the kitchen from the dining room. Instead, the same effect could be to create a bar.

The third solution - different chairs. This mix is ​​not only looks fashionable and stylish, but also allows guests to select the accommodation according to your taste.

The recipe of this cuisine: zoning kitchen island + carpet + mix of chairs

. Author: Anastasia True


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