How to grow a rose from the cut flower

Many who gave a bouquet of roses, noticed that after a few days on the stems appear fresh shoots. Of course, the first thought - give new life to a plant growing out of it a new flower of the same outstanding beauty

. If you have decided what whatever was to grow a rose in the cut flower, you can do so under certain rules.


1. Wait for wilting bouquet (but not complete). From the stems cut into cuttings, so that each had at least 3 of the kidneys. That is, each fragment must have an escape 2 interstices.

2. Using a sharp blade of a razor or a knife make small bevel cut right below the kidney and straight cut at 0, 5 cm above the kidneys. If there are leaves, the bottom completely remove, the top -. Half

3. Take medication to improve plant establishment (they are commercially available in flower shops) should be diluted according to the instructions and put the cuttings in the solution for 12-14 hours.

4. Prepare a pot of nutritious and loose soil (you can buy ready-made soil for roses at the store). Plant cuttings pan, making sure that the kidney was the average over the ground, just above the surface. Earth around the cuttings slightly primnogo fingers.

5. Cut the plastic bottle with cap unscrewed half approximately in the middle. Upper part of the cover slips. The optimum temperature for your landings + 25 ° C.

6. Spray your landing 5-6 times a day defended water at room temperature (or even slightly warmer). The land in the pot should be kept moist but not kiselistoy.


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