That is to marry in different parts of the world

Wedding Dress, familiar to us, appeared only in the XIX century, thanks to Queen Victoria. She was the first who put on a white dress on the wedding ceremony. Up to this point the bride walked down the aisle in their ceremonial dresses and national costumes.

Today Website I took photos of couples who still prefer the traditional colorful attire and rituals. This is especially prevalent in the cultures of Asia and Africa. Who knows, maybe if not for Queen Victoria, the whole world would be a little more colorful


According to tradition, the Japanese bride used at least two dresses for a wedding - white for the ritual of the red and for a holiday.


the wedding Ghana are very bright. Newlyweds wear clothes made of cloth with colored stripes and patterns. In each of these patterns are different family.

Romania in the Romanian village can still be seen authentic wedding. Although Romania is not a big country, in every region of its wedding traditions are different.

Sri Lanka

At most weddings the bride becomes the center of attention, but if you get to Sri Lanka is likely likely will not be able to tear it from the gaze of the groom.


Muslim wedding dress like a European, but with long sleeves and the addition of the handkerchief. Brides are very fond of purple dresses

Sami, Northern Europe

Sami -. The indigenous people of Lapland. Their traditional dress can tell a lot about its owner. For example, round buttons on the belt means that the person is single, square -. That India married

In Indian culture, made to wear a wedding dress pink, or red. In the northern regions, women after marriage set themselves a point on the forehead.


color kilt (skirt) matches the color of the groom's family clan. He throws on the shoulders of the bride checkered scarf of the same color. This means that she is now accepted in his family.


Although Pakistan and the Muslim nation, its traditions have much in common with India, for example, the red dress of the bride and drawing patterns on the hands Henna .


Perhaps you did not know, but Ethiopia - the only native Christian country on the African continent. The majority of the population belongs to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, so the wedding ceremony reminiscent of a Greek or Russian.

Indonesia In Indonesia, you can see a variety of wedding. After all, in this relatively small country of about 300 people and 6 major religions.

Peoples of the Caucasus

Grooms in the Caucasus often wear a wedding Circassian and cling to his sword belt, and brides choose white dresses with elements of national . costume


In China wedding - it's the red celebration. White dresses are considered a symbol of mourning. By tradition, after the marriage the groom removes the red veil from the bride's head.

Hawaii Hawaii usually the bride dressed in white. Wedding suits both honeymooners include flower garlands, bridal flowers adorn the head.

Malaysia In Malaysia, many people play wedding according to the canons of Islam. Brides often choose shades of purple or violet, sometimes cream.

Jewish community in Yemen

In most Jewish communities have no special wedding costumes, but not from the Jews of Yemen. Girls get married in special outfits, transmitted by inheritance from ancient times.

South Korea

In South Korea, an increasingly popular traditional wedding. According to ancient custom, the young husband puts his wife on his back and make a circle around the table. This symbolizes that she can rely on him.

Norway In Norway, women still often wear the national costume "byunad" for a wedding, christening or other holidays.

Bali Bali

marry a king: Honeymoon suites include a lot of detail on the head wear intricate golden crown


Bride here prefer bright clothes and a hat. "gel", representing a something like a turban. However, the young men are not lagging behind the bride and also look bright.

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