15 situations that are all who have a brother or sister

Many people dream of brothers and sisters. And rightly so! With them you will appear on one's best friend more and childhood becomes simply a school of life.

< Website says comic situations faced by anyone who has brothers or sisters.

1. If the fight - it is only on the life or death

2.. No one can hurt your sister. Except you, of course.

3. Cool to be a senior. Cool to be a junior. But no reason did not want to be average.

4. How can you just trust the younger? It remains to be seen what kind of person!

5. When junior starts to cry because of the fact that he got in a fight, it is necessary urgently to reassure him that the mother did not hear. At any cost.

6. Fighting for a place on the front seat in the car can go on, even when you grew up.

7. Always eats tasty that you store for yourself.

8. Once you get tired of that brother constantly creeps into your room. We have to act radically.

9. If you watch a movie together, the elder necessarily indicate a very nasty character and says. "It's you" The whole movie.

10. You feel like a king's life when Mother scolds young for what you did.

11. You are a great team when you need nashkodivshy.

12. Parents are constantly telling you that you have to love each other, make friends and not to quarrel.

13. What you are more the merrier.

14. People: "Perhaps this is so cool when you have a brother!" Me: "Yes, of course ...ยป

< 15. When you grow, you really get the best of friends.

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