15 pictures, after which you want to do good

complain and lament the fate of the simple life of injustice. It is much harder to see the good in people, to do good deeds, and to cover his example the way to those who need at least a ray of light and hope.

Revision Website is confident that the world has enough wonderful things that humanity can be proud of, and good deeds of heroes of these images -. One of them

Little girl wiping tears man from the TV screen
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Kids first met at the airport and decided to embrace

Fire put on just rendered from a burning house kitten oxygen mask

Marine runs a marathon with a boy who got separated from his group

84-year-old grandmother was embarrassed to go to the hospital on her nightgown, then her grandson, too, put on his pajamas

Workers cleaning company dressed up in superhero to please patients at Children's hospital

weekly barber tidies up stray hairs: cuts and makes their hair

Surfers heard the crying of a small whale and rushed to his aid

Kabanyata stuck in the fence, and all their family came to watch for salvation

elderly gentleman teaches young man to tie a tie

This man invented an ingenious way to feed several small pups simultaneously

Two boys save drowning lamb

< br> People push the car to free a woman stuck between the platform and the train

Cyclists give drink dehydrated koala

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And just a child, hugging her best friend

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