20 good films that becomes light in my soul

There are times when each of us feels the clouds overhead is particularly acute. At such times, lacks the drops of joy, warmth and light, able to show that our world - not such a bad place. Fortunately, you can always watch a good movie, and forget about all the small failures.

Website has collected 20 different films, some of which are recognized masterpieces and light entertainment films. They are united by one thing: they give desire to live and to do good.

Life prekrasna

Surprisingly, the picture of the horrors of war may be one of the kindest film ever seen you. It is a compelling story of a loving father who was able to give his son a second life even in a concentration camp and turn the terrible reality of the game. And inevitably believe: life is sometimes unfair, painful, tragic, but still infinitely beautiful.

Forrest Gamp

This film directed by Robert Zemeckis - a worldwide phenomenon 1994, which even now, 20 years later, it would be desirable to revise again and again. Despite the fact that you know by heart, that will tell the characters, with each view are discovering something new. Apparently, this is a real movie - a simple, clear and brilliant.

Barefoot on mostovoy

Cleaner in a psychiatric hospital, Nick at the last second saves from suicide girl Laila, and then his life changed abruptly. Funny, touching, easy film to unbanal storyline will appeal to everyone and recalled that the most important thing in life is still simple: just be with your loved one, eat ice cream, to travel and to enjoy every day.

Temple Grandin

Her name is Temple Grandin, and she did not like the others. Biographical drama tells the story of an autistic woman who has achieved considerable success in science. She managed to change the attitude of the world to the autistic and prove that man is capable of anything, if you do not give up. Worthy of a film about a strong personality not leave anyone indifferent.

Real lyubov

Love and unforgettable unattainable regrettable and ecstatic, unexpected and unwelcome, uncomfortable, and inexplicable, inelegant and unequal. Love truly rules all around. From the Prime Minister, immediately fell in love with co-worker of his apparatus - up to the writer, who fled to the south of France, to glue his broken heart ...

1 +1 (Untouchables) 46,640,758

Director and actor of the film managed to create a life-affirming, witty, funny and charming picture. And the proportions are not overdone - a mix of drama and comedy in the history of two dissimilar, both black and white, friends turned out almost perfect.

Show Trumana

Imagine you suddenly begin to realize that everything around you - the scenery and the people - actors pretending to be who they seem to you. Your whole world is a great TV series, where you play the main role, without even knowing it. Can you leave it all for the sake of freedom and then you learn to trust people? In this instructive film without moralizing Jim Carrey has played one of the best dramatic roles in his career.


The plot of this film is not the original call: music teacher enters the boarding school for troubled teens, and trying to get through to his players. But the picture is perfectly defeated the idea that humanity can move mountains, and love - to make the heart sing. We should also mention a terrific musical score pictures - vivid, bright, direct.


In a world where we all used to be judged on appearance, not easy to survive a man, not like the others. It Penelope came to know - the girl on which gravitates drevneee family curse. Instead, her nose pig nose, and it will disappear only when the people of her circle of love Penelope. Of course, this is a fairy tale, light story that teaches plain old truth - in any situation is to remain.

Day surka

During the filming of the picture Bill Murray got a work related injury: he was bitten twice marmot. But that did not stop him from playing all the changes in the hero, forced again and again to experience the same day. The film is easy and fun tells about the importance of every moment of life, every decision, every act committed.

And in my heart I tantsuyu

The heroes of this movie - people in wheelchairs. But they more optimistic than that of many healthy people. Bound cerebral palsy, the guys do not lose heart, and try to live in this world full: be happy, to do silly things, to protect the weak, dance and joke.

Life as chudo

Speak to understand Kusturica, you need knowledge of Balkan flavor, awareness of the realities and the special sense of humor. But we think that it is enough only interest and not too serious attitude to life, then this film is perceived as genuine, truly a fairy tale, is available tells about difficult things. The tale of this miracle.


Amelie dreamer finds in her bathroom with a cache of old toys and lights up the idea to return the "treasure" rightful owner. This good deed changing the girl's life, and she begins to interfere in the lives of other people in unexpected ways. The film turned our life, too, but without the delightful music composer Jan Tiersen is impossible to imagine Paris.

Healer Adams

Once in the clinic for the mentally ill with a diagnosis of major depression, the hero Robin Williams unexpectedly finds the meaning of life to helping others. It makes an incredible discovery: it turns out, the best cure for all ills is the laughs, and the patient is the most important non-indifference - because the kindness and love of life are truly capable of performing miracles.

Marley and ya

A young journalist and his wife moved to another city for a new job. They have big plans: buying a house, children ... But first, they give birth to a dog. Who would have thought that she would be a major challenge in their lives. And yet - the main teacher and measure values ​​in a relationship. "The dog is like you are poor or rich, educated or illiterate, clever or slowpoke. Give her your heart, and she will answer you the same ».


One winter day in a quiet French town there is a young woman named Vianna. A little later, she opens an unusual chocolate shop, offering visitors to experience new pleasure. With Vian magic comes to town to help people to get rid of the burden, free of the shackles and learn to enjoy life. And one day a miracle will concern itself sorceress ...

Julie and Julia: Cooking Happiness retseptu

The film is based on a true story about a girl, Julie, who decided to prepare 524 dishes according to the recipes of the famous Julia Child. And to do this it was necessary for 365 days. The whole process is the main character colorfully describes in a blog. Watch movies, smell the delicious food and if rediscovering the taste for life.

Starry pyl

Sometimes every adult wants to him behind with morals and philosophy and simply told him fascinating tale with bright taste of magic, beautiful characters, a fantastic story. This is the story of Tristan, rashly promised to bring the most beautiful village girl fell from the sky and hit the star in the wizarding world.

Mouse ohota

The brothers Lars and Ernie Shmunts not attach particular importance to their inherited a dilapidated old mansion so long until they discover that their dilapidated estate is worth millions. But there is one problem: in order to sell the house, the brothers should get rid of his singular and obstinate inhabitant - a small, but very tenacious mouse. A great film for those moments when you feel sad, cold and lonely.

Kingdom total Luny

After the mysterious disappearance of the boys from Boy Scout camp and closed girls from troubled families sheriff principal places on the ears of all. His investigation of alternative coach begins the Boy Scouts. Mother beats girl in hysterics, and her father seems to be hiding something ... "Moonrise Kingdom" - a movie that is impossible to resist. After all, everyone in life is first love.

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