Steve Palin: Do not place easily achievable goals!

People tend to overestimate the results they can achieve up to 1 year, but, curiously, the same people underestimate how far they can go away for 5 years.

If you really want to get results, develop a plan for 5 years to a specific area, for example, online business, social skills, or travel, etc., and follow your plan. Do not place easily achievable goals, it is unproductive.

When I started blogging in 2004, I had hoped that in 2009 will remain the author of the blog. If I did not think so, I would not began to do it.

Many authors have thrown your blog in the first year, as a result of losing precious time. If they knew that after a certain time they get tired of this occupation, it is unlikely that all become engaged in some stupid blog. The first results come only after a year. If you did not managed to achieve in 5 years, consider whether it is necessary to do this?

Of course, this hobby has a certain sense, but we are now talking about more concrete results. If you want to do a variety of things a short time, do not expect that you will become a professional in all these areas. This is normal. This is not bad, if you originally did not plan to devote much time to the selected case.

However, if you want to achieve certain results, for example, to have a new strong relationships, to learn useful skills, income-generation, to move up the career ladder, or get additional source of income, you need to approach the matter with the utmost seriousness.

If you notice that every six months your aspirations radically changed, you should think about how to become more purposeful. At the very moment when you're just starting to get the first results, you suddenly throw everything and nothing to lose so much time and effort.

In the first year of the new website is just starting to acquire links indexed by search engines and attracts too many users. Grains should be given to grow. If a website owner is looking to escape the frustration, hoping that this time he would grow a big tree, he decides to throw your little escape, sticks a shovel in the ground and goes in search of a new facility for the application of force. It is pointless. After five years of throwing you will not achieve anything.

A year after the start of the project you may find that you are standing still. Transformation is always slow. However, five years later, looking back, you'll appreciate the scale of the changes.

In 2004 I started going to the oratory skills courses. A year later, I was transferred to a strong group, but I'm still able to prepare a speech for 5 - 7 minutes, and the time was just starting to cook longer make speeches to 20 minutes from time. By the time I managed to take part in several competitions. Preparation of the 20-minute speech, took me all day. I gained experience, and at that time, my results were not outstanding.

However, after 4 years of training I first received an order for a speech was earning $ 3,000 in 90 minutes (it should be noted that the customer paid for the travel and accommodation costs). Agree, not bad.

And after 5 years after my first visit to the school of oratory I spent the first workshop, earning 50 thousand dollars for the 3 days of the tongue. A very good result, if?

Truth Today I can hold seminars at least every weekend, receiving tens of thousands of dollars. I had already 9 such seminars. Each seminar brings me more money than I earned my first year of blogging. And it is also the result.

The preparation of the first seminar took me about a month. Now I can sketch out a workshop with a clean slate for the week. Today I can also cook hour it for 15-30 minutes, and the speech itself will be better than the one on which I went a whole day.

It is not a coincidence. This is the result of practice and serious work. To do this, it took me not 6 months. And more than one year. And 5 years.

I stopped attending classes only in 2010, when he felt that they no longer needed me. Within a few years, I have passed the way it 5 - 7 minute speech before the 3-day seminar, which brought me to a few tens of thousands of dollars. This is a very significant and visible results, and not just another experience.

That's what I wanted to achieve. I knew I could achieve goals if you do not stop halfway. If I did not know that I will attend courses of oratory at least 5 years, I would not have got up from the couch.

The first year of any way, certainly the most difficult. Your skills are no different maturity. You do not know what to do. Stuffed bumps.

However, this time when you greedily soak up new knowledge. But the 5th year - most enjoyable this year, when the results come to you

. Deep down we all love simple solutions. If you come across something interesting, consider how it can be used. But do not build a serious plan, unless you are willing to devote to this case at least 5 years (if you are, of course, hope to get good results).

Do not try to force yourself to engage in some casual affair tucked next 5 years. Think about all the good on the beach before you go a long way in five years. This will require you to great clarity of mind, you must understand that you are attracted to, and what you are best to show themselves.

Think about what interests and goals will also be present in your life, and through these years. Reading these lines today, do you think about them in 2018? Look back. What interested you 5 years ago, and what you are interested in so far? What are the aims and interests continue to appear from time to time in your life, year after year? What do you think, whether it will continue in the future? These long-term interests can tell you where you should go.

Before you start blogging, I have 5 years of writing articles, so I was confident that interest in writing I will not leave. Just before that I did not look at it as a hobby to something serious.

When I started to develop the skills of the speaker, I spoke at conferences free for developers of computer games and software for several years, so I know that this skill is useful to me.

If you do not, and 20, it does not mean that you do not have a clear interest. Think about how a mark passes your life? What attracts you? How far you can go, if you go after your interests? Who knows where and who you will be in 5 years.

Author: Steve Pavlina


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