10 Secrets of the Chinese treatise Gui Gu Zi

Chinese treatise Gui Gu Zi is one of the secret teachings, revealing the subtle secrets of communication (in particular, diplomatic strategy). Possession of such skills was considered a privilege of the Masters, holding sacred knowledge.

Today I offer you a 10 quotes from Gui Gu Zi:

Comprehend the mood of others - that is the secret of the art of persuasion

. By choosing for themselves the openness in the actions, you need to be careful. By choosing concealment of action, we must be able to keep secrets.

Peering back, we can understand the other; referring to the current cases, you can know yourself.

In a speech there, in the actions have role models, and these images and imitations revealed order of human life.

Wants to know starts with yourself and only know yourself, can know the other.

The use of people need to be able to assess both knowledge and skill, to weigh their ability and strength to determine their disposition. Having learned all this, you can control people by any way: not abandon them and follow their desires to be with them in harmony and to please their thoughts. That's the secret art "inspire and subordinate».

In the world there are no things of eternity, in the affairs there is no single rule of usable at all times.

You must be able to make judgments according to the circumstances. Events in the world - that royaschayasya midges, they have no intention to help someone or hurt, they are constantly changing. Each event carries with it a subtle way of force.

Wise hatching their plans secret, and because his name is "divine»

Use enticing words to stir up desire - it is cunning. Decorating your speech exaggeration - it is all-encompassing. Carefully choose your words for the sake of the implementation of their plans - is honesty. To act without knowing doubt - this determination.


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