Meeting of Confucius and Lao-tzu

Lao Tzu lived in a cave in the mountains. His eccentricities were legendary. Confucius went to see Lao Tzu. The disciples were waiting for him at the entrance to the cave. When he came out, it was shaking. They asked him:
- What happened?
- I know that the bird flies, the animal runs, the fish swims. You can run into a trap to catch flying - in the network, flying - to bring down arrow. As for the dragon, I still do not know how to catch him! He is not a man, he - the dragon!
Even the disciples of Lao-tzu were shocked because Confucius was much older people respected him, respected him at court. And the way he behaved with him, Lao Tzu, was just insulting. But not for Lao-tzu! He was a simple man, not arrogant, not humble, just pure man. And if it hurts hurt - its purity, its ordinariness - if it is so much hurt Confucius, what could he do?
Lao Tzu was a pure mirror, which reflects all imperfect.
The disciples asked Lao Tzu:
- What did you do?
- I did not do anything, I just reflect! - He said.
When Confucius looked into the eyes of Lao Tzu, I realized that this man can not be deceived. Confucius tried to start a conversation about the "tall man", but Lao Tzu laughed and said:
- I've never seen anything "higher" or "lower". Man is a man, just as a tree is a tree. All are involved in the same Existence. There is no one who would have been higher or lower. This is nonsense.
Then Confucius asked what happens to a person after death.
- You live, but how can you tell what is life? - Said in response to Lao Tzu.
Confucius was troubled, and Lao Tzu continued:
- You do not know this life in which you are now. And rather than learn it, you're worried about that, otherworldly.


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