9 exercises Laozi to improve the functioning of the brain

Lao Tzu – the sage who lived in China during Spring and Autumn (770-476 BC) and was the founder of the teachings of Taoism. According to legend, he developed a set of exercises to improve the functioning of the brain. The following is a description of exercises selected for subsequent generations.


1. The opening point of the Yin-Tang. The point Yin Tang is located between the eyebrows. Several circular motions of the thumbs mash whiskey, and then the pads of my middle fingers RUB the point Yin Tang for 16 times (Fig. 8-1).

2. Rubbing the eyes. With your forefinger RUB the eye sockets and the area around them for 16 times. Perform simultaneously in both eyes (Fig. 8-2).

3. Pushing points of di-Cang. The point of di-Cang is located approximately one and a half inches from the corners of the mouth. When performing exercises slightly open your mouth, press and push the point di cane with the tips of the thumbs of the hands for 16 times (Fig. 8-3).

4. Pressure on the point Sy-bye. Point si Bai, located about one and a half inches down from the eye sockets. Apply pressure with your forefinger on the point Sy-bye from the bottom up to 16 times (Fig. 8-4).

5. Rubbing of the nose. RUB the nose with the thumb eminences of both hands (tenerani) to 16 times (Fig. 8-5).

6. Rubbing his neck. Put his hands on both sides of the neck and RUB the neck down 16 times (Fig. 8-6).

7. Wash the cat. Wipe face with palms of both hands 16 times (Fig. 8-7).

8. To comb the hair. Spread your fingers and RUB the head from forehead to nape. Run the tips of his fingers under the hair and massage the main ligaments and blood vessels of the head. Rascalities thus 16 times (Fig. 8-8).

9. Pounding the celestial drum. Cover ears with palms. Click the large and middle fingers on the points of Feng-Chi, located below the occipital bone, 16 times (Fig. 8-9).

After performing these nine exercises, at some point, plug your ears tightly with his hands, and then with force lift hand. Repeat 3-5 times. This whole complex is finished. published


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