22 RULES OF LIFE Chinese philosopher

Small and short rule from one of eight in the Taoist pantheon, Chinese philosopher Han Xiang Zi

One of the eight immortals in the Taoist pantheon is the Chinese philosopher Han Hsiang-tzu, who lived at the end of the first millennium AD.

Like Confucius, he for some time was a civil servant, and then left his post for the search of the Tao, the truth and the meaning of life. In this he succeeded, and even found some mystical abilities - turn water into wine, to drink without getting drunk, winter flowers grow.

Because of its beautiful appearance, good sense of humor, wisdom and outstanding play the flute, Han Hsiang-tzu is considered holy - the patron saint of musicians and is often depicted in temples.

To have survived his thoughts about life, who have not lost their relevance.

Small and short rule from one of eight in the Taoist pantheon, Chinese philosopher Han Xiang Zi:

The only thing that makes people always sincerely - is mistaken. If one characteristic of misleading the whole of society and thus helps him live, it becomes faith. If faith loses sincerity, then it is not misleading and therefore not faith, but the hypocrisy and deceit that can only divide society.
If you ask the question - then you already know half the answer.
Do not pay attention to how people treat you. Pay attention to how you feel about him.
Helping lazy people, you are helping them to sit on his neck.
Not forgiving mistake you're making a mistake himself.
Forgiving meanness you help to make another. And stupidity does not require forgiveness. She's like the wind - not depend on anything. It should be taken such as it is, and to protect themselves from harm her, look at her favor.
Want to restore order in the world? Please tidy at home.
Kindness defenseless. And so there is.
Do you want to be like everyone else - no one will.
If you think all the - you've mistaken. Everyone thinks differently. If you think for everyone, you're wrong again. Everyone has their own worries. Think of his own and for himself, but remember - without thinking about others, first of all, you do not think about yourself.
All people most want to know what they really want.
Most people commit evil deeds, not because they like him or bring benefits, but because it seems that they are waiting for him.
Good faith is rewarded, but nothing to do with money here.
The flower is beautiful, is not touched.
Man can think about everything, but must do it in what he was sure.
How to distinguish the weak from the strong man? If dissatisfied with life a strong man, he makes claims to itself, and if the weak - that the people around.
Easy ideas and serve the gods. It is much easier than to serve the people alive.
All acute eventually loses sharpness and only stupidity is even dumber.
The wisdom of the ruler should be measured not by the great achievements that he had a chance to lead, and on the disastrous mistakes that he could not avoid.
Wise is not someone who thinks a lot about the great, but the one who thinks little of useless and worthless trifles.
And the big man and the little man can at the same time to go to the same goal, but the little man - her to stop, and large - from her to go further.
As long as you do not say what you think, not what you listen to, what you believe, and you do not something that is - that all this time and you did not live.


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