11 habits that speed up metabolism

If you want to lose weight or regain health, the first thing to think about - about the rate of metabolism in your body. It depends on the supply of our cells nutrients and energy. Disturbed or slow metabolism, usually leads to overweight.

< Website gathered useful habits that will help increase the metabolic rate. Let us slim and healthy!

Set a clear schedule reception

Our bodies are very smart. It is configured to obtain the food at a particular time. So he spends the accumulated energy to the end, knowing that it will soon be a new piece. But if the irregular eating schedule, the body will store energy rather than spend it, since it is not sure of getting a new one. So eating every 3-4 hours helps your body to use all the energy.

Drink more fluids 29,768,665

Adequate fluid intake promotes proper metabolism. When your body is dehydrated, you burn much less calories because of the liver's main task then becomes liquid stocks recovery in the body, rather than burning fat. < So drink more! If you're not used to drink a lot of plain water, drink tea, such as green, which is just as well perform the function of the body's hydration.

Eat more dairy products

Dairy products contain a lot of nutrients that play an important role in burning fat and building muscle. For example, calcium, which is contained in sufficient quantities in dairy products, plays an important role in the regulation of metabolism. The more fat in his cell, the more fat it can be taken for incineration.

Be physically active

Any physical activity, whether it be jogging, walking, dancing, or trainers, promotes fat burning and rapid metabolism. It is best in this case suitable strength exercises that promote muscle growth, because muscles require calories costs even at a time when you do not exercise and are in a state of rest. So the best way to speed up metabolism - is regular exercise with weights

Learn to wake up earlier

. Even such factors as sunlight, may affect your metabolism. Serving morning sunlight helps regulate the biological processes in your body associated with the change of day and night, that is, as a result of control of intake and energy expenditure.

Not exclude the consumption of carbohydrates

Do not overdo it with diets completely giving up carbohydrates. Their deficiency can negatively affect the process of synthesis of serotonin, which is often called "the hormone of pleasure". This is bad for the brain, and can enter the body in a state of stress in general. Yes, you will lose weight, but at the expense of water loss, not fat - a phenomenon already described in one of the first items

Stop kusochnichat

. If you're a fan chew crackers, chips, sandwiches and the like, think about it. Frequent snacking as time slows down metabolism. The fact that the energy that we get the meal usually suffice for about three hours. Then the body begins to consume the internal energy, that is to burn its own fat. If you are constantly nourished body snack, fat burning does not occur, and you fullness.

Use iodized salt

So fashionable in recent years, sea salt is still no substitute for good old iodized. Lack of iodine has a negative impact on the thyroid gland, which, in turn, directly affects the metabolism.

Eat organic food

Inorganic products made with the addition of various harmful additives; animal stuffed with antibiotics or growth hormones; Plants grown using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, - agree that it all sounds, to put it mildly, nezamanchivo. But this is a big part of our food. It is necessary to think about what you eat.

Take care of the amount of iron in the body

Without iron our muscles do not receive the required amount of oxygen, which affects the state of the whole organism. In the case of iron deficiency eat more meat, fish, buckwheat and apples.

Avoid constant stress

Very often problems with the metabolism - it's just a reflection of our inability to deal with stress properly. In this state, the thyroid slows down metabolism, leading to weight gain.

< Watch your health!

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