On the cosmic law thanks

Since ancient times, there is a cosmic law, if a person is not thanked for the assistance or knowledge, then the energy of gratitude will still be removed from him one way or another


An ungrateful person violates the energy balance, so it will be restored at the first opportunity.

As well as the lake, from which the water taken for irrigation, will take water from other places to restore its level and it does not matter whether that will come with a shower of water from the clouds or from nearby wells.

Services rendered and the person who took it for a fee in the form of money or other material assets is considered to be the person whose energy is balanced. But if he had a favor and take it for a fee, its energy is considered to be not balanced, and the balance will be restored at the earliest opportunity.

Usually the balance is restored through the acquisition of additional knowledge that man, good luck or health.

Events will develop in such a way that the person you are lucky and it will give the desired book happens to be next to a healer to help restore health, or just have good luck in some endeavors ...

Author: Katsudzo Nishi


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