Small apartment: optimizing space in 9 steps

Organizing space small apartment, we maximally strive to optimize it and in every possible way to expand a small space. But those nuances that are useful for modest spaces, may usefully be used in any environment - from close dormitories to spacious house

. 1. Hide the pantry in plain
If your pantry is too small - it does not matter. It can be built from a practical rack. Equip it with everything you need - from the shelves, on which you can arrange the books or objects, to roomy baskets, where cozy feel things or even products. Dishes on open shelves is quite able to perform additional decoration function.

2. Expand the boundaries upwards, rather than wide
By decorating the room with paintings or just hanging shelves and placing the furniture, the space from above should be fully involved. This approach, in addition to saving space, makes the move look-up, which allows the interior visually appear more spacious.

book lovers, which limits the area of ​​their home, the American designer Lauren Fox proposes to increase storage space by using very high shelves. Another prudent step - it's no use cases as such, but to put books in small piles


3. Place under the stairs - why not use his
Typically, a small ladder flat no, but if it is still present in the interior, you should take into account the tremendous opportunities for storage, which suggests that part of the house. The architect of the Chicago Tom Stringer harmoniously has recessed drawers under the stairs clients. In addition to this approach, take the empty space under the stairs can and various other options.

4. Curtains beneath the
ceiling "Approximately 5 cm left between the cornice and ceiling, will achieve the desired result", - says the designer Allen Brett. The secret of success is visually high ceilings is in this light approach. Cornice for curtains fastened as close to the ceiling. It is necessary to ensure that the cornice will leave at least 10 cm on each side of the window. Now the box misses a lot of light and seems wider because the curtains hanging at a great distance.

5. Let the house things retro
Antique or vintage things occupy space much less than modern furniture. In addition, they add charm and make a bright note in a modest home. For example - refrigerator Smeg. The model in the style of the 50s has a width less than 60 cm, and the modern this technique takes width of about one meter of space.

6. Universal functional furniture - worth buying
. A striking example of the interior of the subject is a modern bed, which is equipped with a variety of shelves. Its use increases the storage space in the bedroom.

7. Mirrors in every room - stylish and spacious
Receiving the use of mirrors to expand the space is no longer a secret. Designer Christopher Breyning says: "Mirrors can make the space brighter, scattering light throughout the room." But the place for a mirror should be selected carefully, because this thing is, how to help in the expansion of space and make the situation worse, if you hang it in the wrong place. Thus, the mirror placed in front of the window, will reflect all the light back, that is - on the street. Reflect light to illuminate the room, it is advantageous to deceive the eye - these are the basic abilities of large mirrors, which are placed in the right way. A little secret: a mirror plate in the kitchen located behind the sink, can visually transform the modest space


8. Use a neutral
shade Visually expand the interior borders significantly help the well-chosen colors, shades and combinations thereof. You can use bright saturated colors, for example, choose a deep brown for the library - it will create an incredible feeling of comfort. And yet, when in a small space is dominated by a neutral range, this makes the image of the house more than a collective and holistic.

9. Say "yes" to a wall-mounted instrument
Sometimes the room is not enough room even for tables under a table lamp. For those who like to read in bed, in this case, an excellent option is a sconce. These lights in modern design is not only functional, but also beautiful. When there is no space for household appliances in the kitchen, there are options for wall mounting devices such as a coffee maker and microwave. This saves work area.


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