27.06. Tea arrived

The first tea to Europe pritaranil Portuguesa as a gift to his monarch. Portugal at that time on the seas of the earth went into new active - and what the hell Ladi chopped in Europe vbuhivaya wild grandmother in the war with an unpredictable ending, when it is possible to trade and have a guaranteed gesheft. And if you turn up in the course of which Brazil or is there something smaller, and then we add to the crown can not without benefit. But with the tea ceremony in pireneytsev somehow went wrong. Whether winemaking tradition proved to be stronger, or not those varieties delivered - is unknown.
After half a century held the number 2 attempt, undertaken by the Dutch. And she was much more successful. And only then joined the British. Not without the help of the Portuguese said, by the way, because the fashion of tea drinking at court brought with Catherine of Braganza, the Portuguese João IV's daughter. Since she came to marry anyhow not for someone, but for Charles II of, listened to her opinion. We can say, defeated Kateryna alcohol, which the local nobility obihodno had used before the advent of tea.
By the XVIII century tea is widely spread among the masses. 1717 - opened the first "Tea House". At first was put very high duty on tea, began to be identified because the facts of smuggling. People are starting to prefer black tea, because it was more difficult to forge, and cost less.
Initially, tea was purchased exclusively in China, but later because of political issues with China, the British are beginning to develop the production of tea in India and Ceylon. Attempts have been made as tea output in Africa, however, excluding the Mid-Kenya, the rest of Africa - at the level of the infamous Krasnodar. Vigorous and wildly tasteless.
Since 1870 the company has created a world-famous Twinnings tea blends that are popular so far, it is «English Breakfash», «Irish Breakfast», «Prince of Wales». In addition, the British drinking not just tea, namely sweet tea (with cane sugar).

As well as in China and Japan, the tea is quite closely entered the English culture. It spreads from the aristocracy to the middle class. Many European tradition of tea drinking have their origin was from the British tradition. Although not everywhere in Europe tea caught on so well. In Scandinavia and Central Europe more than prefer coffee ...
In our neighboring Poland tea originally was used as a medicine, and although most of the countries took over the Chinese name of tea or something consonant with it, but in Poland tea called herbata (in Belarusian - garbata), which indicates that it is primarily , seen as a herbal infusion.
Well, as we have today - in themselves you know. We drink a lot, but without ceremony


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