The human body has several chakras, which can be blocked by our emotions and our frame of mind. Opening the chakras is the result of life experience and understanding and insight, which is the result of learned human life lessons. Opening the Chakras comes after a person learns to control his thoughts and emotional states. And the more skill it reaches in this way, the greater the amount of chakra it can not open and maintain open.

Seven Chakras

• Chakra land is located at the base of the spine. Can you beat your own, can you unlock this chakra. The courage, look in the eyes of their worst fears and you will understand that they are no more than an illusion, that you cease to operate as soon as you opened it razoblachaesh.Ty first chakra, chakra of the Earth.

• Chakra water fill human joy. To unlock the water chakra, you have to get rid of the guilt, to recognize all the stones that are not feasible to weigh the load on your feet, and do not allow to enjoy life. Forgive yourself for all that you did not because he could. Ask for forgiveness from those whom you have caused suffering, and forgive ourselves and let go of these things, and go on with a light heart. Do not let guilt poison to poison your energy flow of joy. You opened the second chakra, chakra of water.

• Chakra Fire is located in the abdomen. Get rid of the shame and will attain the will, which becomes available for the person after the cup unlocked fire. You opened the third chakra, chakra fire.

• Chakra Love is in the heart. Get rid of regrets and feelings of injustice long as you believe that life ever was not fair to you, and you're mad at her for it, you can not open the chakra of love. You opened the fourth chakra, the chakra of love.

• Sound Chakra is located in the throat area. After removing the block with this chakra, you will be able to distinguish a lie from the truth and will know how to identify the evil eye. To unlock the Sound chakra, you have to reject the lies in all its forms and to be honest in the first place to himself. You opened the fifth chakra, chakra truth.

• Chakra of light is in the center of the forehead. This chakra opens intuitive abilities. The man who unlocked this chakra is able to listen to your intuition and make right decisions. This chakra is unlocked after a person is aware of the unity of the world and all the entities it manifested when a person realizes that all are one. The basis of everything is the one primordial nature, one primordial phenomenon. You opened the sixth chakra, chakra illumination.

• Chakra thoughts are on top. Only a person who has realized the illusory nature of objective reality and freed from attachment of the material world, be able to open this chakra. And access to the cosmic energy source. Learn to let go, learn to take life as a game, and all the events in it are available as igrushki.Ty opened the seventh chakra, chakra truth.


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