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Spring, Spring - does not seem to me, that the sun shines in a dull window and collapsing the dome, and the temple left in the dust, and only the sky, the sky in thick clouds ..
! Needless sky explodes laughing clouds, and fell into a bottomless abyss hung an hand not knowing, not seeing the legs - is whether the rise, the fall whether fear or excitement ..
? The same old tune that so crazy, but he was smiling gently Spring - not split not pour not scare not embrace not forget and not to remember and not to lose and not to believe it is not necessary, do not tear does not hold is not afraid to cry to not pursue not know! ..
From the ground grows, flows, singing, buds, melts, flowers, there is a dream, she disappears, fleeting, eternal Maya Spring. Woke suddenly gone back to again remind - it does not know the joy of summer to drink to the end and not to wait until dawn nine grams of lead
. And in its simplicity dying love between good and evil does not shed much blood - it's just pictures and simple words, and yet out of the land seemed to grass - and live, green as an emerald, and heartbeat - Spring.
She is here!..


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