Quick cake with eggs and onion: it turns unparalleled every time!

Any hostess is famous for its cakes ... But in our hour of constant haste and lack of time as hard to maintain this tradition!

< Fast cake recipe with onion and eggs of «Website» is incomparable in the first place so that it can be baked without much effort from coming to work: preparation time and cooking will take at least. All are full, satisfied, into the house of peace and concord!

Priming cake with green lukomIngredienty dough
4 eggs 7 Art. l. flour 1/3 hours. l. soda 200 g sour cream 1 tbsp. l. mayonnaise salt

Ingredients for the filling
6 boiled eggs a big bunch of green onions salt

First, prepare the dough: vzbey with a pinch of salt 4 eggs, add mayonnaise and sour cream. Grist flour mixed with baking soda. onion we shall cut finely, boiled eggs medium cubes, mix the stuffing and lightly salt. Form for baking Brush the butter, pour in her test half, then lay out the filling, and then zaley its remaining dough. bake cake until browning at 200 ° C. Willingness to check toothpick.

A lush, fresh-faced, bright as a piece of the sun: soon bring to the table this beauty! And multivarka task is simplified even more: Set the mode "Baking" and the timer for 50 minutes. For 5-7 minutes before the end, flip the cake to the top and blushed.

Inspire, prepare, share with friends!


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