When you leave, I will not play the fool

< Leah Altukhova

When you leave, I will not play the fool,
I again to the south or north torn forever.
I only remember your voice in captivity tobacco,
And thin lips with the taste of cotton candy.

When you go, I tightly tie up again,
perhaps Paris would be my relative house.
I'm more for the land so zealously not hold on.
When you're gone, I'm falling into a coma.

I reiterate my heart and soul will make silent,
I will work, smoking, buy yourself rags ...
When you leave, I will not passively suffer.
We just play with you bad-seek.

We reiterate our planes sky raschertim,
And I'm proud!
And, you know, maybe ... and stupid
When you go away, -
not so important how many winters pass,
when our fate will meet again for a minute.


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