She took a sock and a couple of minutes turned it into a beautiful thing!

In the first place in the cold season in people's ears freeze. But wearing a hat is not always desirable, as it spoils the hair, and sometimes rubs his forehead.

Therefore, we have prepared for you a wonderful idea in the video tutorial: how to make a bandage on his head from the toe
Although at first the idea seems absurd, but most likely, you change your mind after seeing how the band looks stylish girl!

How to warm bandage on golovuTebe need
1 long sock < / scissors needle and thread

Wrap sock around his head. Measure out the desired length and cut off the excess: gum and the toe (the front part of the nose). Just do not throw out the remains of the cut, they are still useful.

Sew together the ends of the toe. Then unscrew the future bandage out.

Cut the elastic sock to get a strip of cloth. Then cut the its length.

Wrap the strip around the dressing, as in the photo. Cut off the excess and sew the ends of the strips.

Home-made bandage on his head of the sock is ready!

It looks great!

More detailed instructions can be viewed in the video:

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