Can the men wear sandals with socks?

Why sandals over socks considered terrible
 - It looks bad rather than socks under sandals, socks and short pants / shorts (regardless of the type of shoes)
complementary colors, often borne sock discord with other colors (human skin does not add new colors, as there is in any way - so often bare foot looks better)

 - Failure of the sock color combination and sandals

 - The length of the nose, it oblegaemost - male habit pull socks high (both under trousers). High socks makes a combination of analogue toe sandals boots. A fitting long "boot", questionable color combinations, of terrible quality materials dissonant with fleecy male limb.

 - Under the domination of dirt on our roads and sidewalks in the open shoe socks lose their priglyadnost and any dirty clothes looks disgusting


How to make socks with sandals looked good
It is necessary to approach to a set of toe sandals as a unified whole. One should always be read together with the other, and in turn this kit should be suited to the image as a whole.

In most cases, highly strung socks look unsightly. If you wear shorts with sneakers, then they were not worth "pulling" socks. They should lower a little to a height of about 50-70% of the length of the foot.


Buy socks from quality materials that look good. It is desirable that sanitary harakretistiki also not suffer. I recently nryavyatsya bamboo socks for excellent dehumidification and oblegaemost.

Do not wear sandals with socks dirty (at least the people in places of recreation). In the dusty town is possible to give preference to "Wipe" closed shoes (bare dirty feet too look no ice), or try to trim the toe sandals for local color of mud;)

Carefully select the color combination toe sandals. It is necessary to pick up the socks of the same color as the open shoes. Either it is necessary to use one of the primary colors of outerwear. It is worth to make the new precision color block vvide sock - usually not easy to do without compromising the image as a whole.

The exterior of the flip-flops also plays a role. Ugly open shoes we sold no less than any other shoe.


Socks on sandals - a comfortable
Does anyone know of shoes that do not rub to bare feet? Any shoes has points of contact with the skin, and has a gap in the traffic. Therefore the question of the erasure of the skin - only a matter of time. If you like summer vacation all day long walk along the coast, there is absolutely no options sandals over socks. Without socks will erase the blood after the first leg 5-10 kilometers. And no closed shoes of the most that neither is a "breathable genuine leather" does not compare the level of diversion of water from open (though even rubber) shoes. Fashion tips do not wear socks with sandals we
First of all we hear from people who are not wearing them, and who do not like long walks.

Socks with sandals - it is fashionable
Socks for open shoes look terrible only because of the inability to choose a different one. If any evelinyhromchenki saw the terrible combination of these things, and immediately rushed to write the next fashion tips, it does not mean that the world has closed around their perception.

Fashion critics may only limit the fashion world, telling the "rules" for the masses. But these designers are able to create things, to overcome all these artificial limitations. And many designers have a couple of years how to successfully overcome this limitation.


And of course do not forget About addiction to things bution. In the states it is much easier to relate to the fact that people are [at roughly as we have in the outback)], and to a form of footwear is also easier to apply, simply because it is familiar. I, for example, until recently male shoes on bare foot cause rejection, and now I actually was thinking about such cases (for short trips). And quite possibly ever stop me from vomiting pants low "bunt" and vyglyadyvayushimi top boxers F: - /

Socks with sandals roughly from the same opera, and that a woman in trousers century ago. But now the world has accelerated so much that it will take quite some time, as the unusual things today, tomorrow will be included in our daily life.

Maybe I have something wrong, what do you think about the sandals with socks? ;)




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