How to stretch shrunken thing without damaging it. The simple but very correct reception!

In life, anything may happen ... After washing some things can suddenly be a couple of sizes smaller, and from this no one is safe. To the delight of the hosts, there is a trick by which you can easily restore shrunken size of things

< Clothing made of cotton is easy to return his previous form and shape, if done only 3 simple steps. What a pity that I only learned about it now!

How to stretch shrunken thing
Warm water, mild shampoo for children, a large towel - what you need in the clothing stretching Add a little shampoo into the water, stir it.

The thing that got into the washing process should be a little soak in a solution of baby shampoo.

Take your thing, wring it and gently spread out on the towel.

Roll up the towel roll, give clothes to stand folded 15 minutes.

Unfold a roll with a towel, gently pull the fabric. The fibers are susceptible softened water after a shampoo, you can return the garment to its previous state with ease! After careful stretching thing leave to dry in a horizontal position on a towel.

In the video you can see the simple process of stretching things, which decreased after washing. Excellent results are guaranteed!

If village thing after washing , do not be upset! This trick has saved more than a dozen victims in the washing machine T-shirts and shirts. Tell your friends valuable advice, they will be delighted!


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