Finally I managed to get rid of spider veins. Healthy appearance - is the key to beauty!

Perhaps the beauty of each person associated primarily with health. It so inherent nature. Therefore, such a tiny detail as subcutaneous dilated capillaries , may disappoint even the most self-confident woman. However, it does not look very aesthetic ... But what to do? After all, they do not cause any inconvenience.

At the hospital, vascular grid are treated with special injections or laser to achieve a visible cosmetic effect. On recovery takes about 3 months ... Yes, and your doctor is not everyone carries. That's why «Website» offers you to try these traditional methods. In addition, they are easy and safe.

How to remove spider veins
Fresh green tomatoes contain the necessary medicinal acid. Cut the tomato in half and attach to the pulp vascular grid. Hold the tomatoes for 3 minutes, then place smazh any nutritious cream. The result should appear after 4 days of application. Continue to repeat the procedure no more than 10 days. Green tomatoes can be replaced with new potatoes, it contains the same therapeutic substances.

Apple Cider Vinegar - another effective tool. Moisten a cotton ball and dab apple cider vinegar to the site of vascular mesh. Repeat the process three times a day for 4 weeks. But be careful:. This method is better not to use on sensitive skin, as it may cause irritation

The reasons for the appearance of spider veins pretty much from heredity to excess weight. They can also indicate the initial stage of varicose veins. Hopefully these methods will help you achieve the desired result. Share this article with your friends!


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