10 warning signs that the liver is not in order, look out!

The frantic pace of modern life with a quick snack on the go, a bad environment, with magnificent feasts, to put it mildly, not very healthy food and strong drink, we rarely think about the harm caused its liver The real hard worker, she is responsible for the maintenance of cleanliness in our body. Tirelessly filters and displays the body of various toxins by eating unhealthy foods, drugs, spirits ...

If toxins too much, the liver breaks down, it is no longer okay to cope with its functions: digestion regulation, blood sugar and cholesterol, the production of proteins ...

Most liver disease have a latent form for a long time without giving itself felt. However, there are a number of signs that indicate that the liver is not all right .

Signs of liver disease
General weakness and loss of appetite Chair frequent and pale colors The skin condition dramatically worsened. Appeared excessive dryness or oiliness. There were small pimples and redness. There is a sense of bitter taste in the mouth after eating. Pain in the stomach after ingestion of fatty foods. pain under the shoulder blade to the right bulge flaccid belly of the accumulated fluid The appearance on the body numerous lipomas -. a clear sign that the liver tired. The attack and sores on the tongue. eye Proteins turns yellow.

The value of the liver is difficult to overestimate. So do not ignore the warning signs, which gives our body, indicating that the liver is in desperate need of detoxification.

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