Vkusnyuschy eclair cake without baking: this dessert turned the heads of any sweet tooth!

We used to think that delicious desserts must be complex. Sometimes in these recipes do not understand even an experienced hostess, and the result does not converge with expectations ...

But why complicate things, if you can cook a wonderful cake, even without using the oven!

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crunchy cookies 500 ml of milk 2, 5, Art. l. cornstarch 3 tbsp. l. sugar 1 egg yolk 0, 10 ml vanilla essence

Ingredients for glaze
4 tbsp. l. sugar 2 hours. l. cocoa powder 1 tbsp. l. Milk 50 g butter

Powder for vanilla pudding , you can buy in the store. But if you want to cook it yourself, do the following. Divide the milk for about 2 equal parts. One of the milk put on fire and bring to a boil. In the remaining milk, stir starch. Emptying to the sugar, add vanilla essence or vanilla on the tip of a knife, the yolk. Vzbey whisk and send this mixture into the boiling milk.

Carefully stir and boil until thickened minutes 5.

Ready Pudding cover with cling film and send it in the fridge to cool. Take a baking pan, lay a foil it. Put a layer of pastry, then a layer of pudding. Keep dessert spread layers. The last layer should be made of cookies Prepare the chocolate coating. Mix sugar and cocoa, add milk. Put on the stove when the mass begins to boil, add the butter. Stir until the butter has dissolved. Remove from the heat the chocolate mass and its zaley finished dessert. Put the cake in the refrigerator overnight.

Gentle creamy taste and vanilla gives this dessert a special charm. Not for nothing this cake is also called Eclair, because the taste he really reminds air French pastries. Prepare the sweet surprise for tea, and do not forget to share the recipe with your girlfriends!


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