Several differences from the usual lemon Meyer lemon. Now I know the difference!

Lemon - a very special piece of fruit! I can not imagine her best dishes without fragrant lemon juice and fragrant zest, always cook the sauce for the fish with lemon, and still love cottage cheese and lemon cakes.

Sometimes lemon fruits seem to me unbearably sour, sometimes - on the contrary, lemon surprisingly similar in taste to the orange! Until that day, I did not know how to choose lemons and distinguish their varieties among themselves. Gardening enthusiasts will laugh, but I really did not feel the difference!

Lemon Meyera14 million tons of lemons - a harvest solar fruit harvested in the world each year! The most common is familiar to us variety of lemon "Lisbon» , growing on a tree. But there is another kind of fruit grown on bushes.

Meyer Lemon is known to us as a decorative shrub. When people talk about growing lemons at home, most often have in mind the kind of hybrid plants. Good reputation among gardeners it has its compact razmeur and good tolerability in temperature.

Featuring a regular lemon from the hybrid type is useful to anyone who is interested in the culinary business. Conventional lemons is much more acidic, while Meyer lemons have a more delicate flavor. < Meyer Lemons small, round, with a thin skin. Dark yellow, close to orange rind color and round shape - the characteristics of the lemon

. If you want to prepare a creamy lemon sauce, lemon ice cream, lemon cream, or add lemon tarte in the fruit salad, it is preferable to use a Meyer lemon. Neutral lemon I buy when I need a little more zest for certain dishes.

Choosing fruits in the market, pay attention to their appearance, and you will accurately determine the precious citrus fruit! Remember also that a small lemon tree can grow at home all the joy.


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