He bought the shelves for a ridiculous price, and turned them into a masterpiece! I do not come across a better idea ...

< Make wardrobe with his hands Anyone can! Cheap shelf-racks transformed into a charming piece of furniture, it is worth just a little try. If in your house a lot of things and not too much space, you appreciate the beauty of our idea!

To get started you just need to buy the shelf. Inspection to the end, you will be surprised of the magical transformation!

How to cabinet
  1. The town, which will be new piece of furniture! So far, this corner is empty, but we will not allow the free space goes to waste.

    To make the case, you need to purchase a few of these racks with shelves.

    The design extends slightly beyond the edge of the wall, but the trouble is easy to fix ...

    It is enough to deploy one of the shelves in the other direction, and the problem is solved!

    Now you need to paint the wall rack. Pour adhesive tape the corners so as to obtain a beautiful pattern.

    Dye wall cabinet, choosing the right color. In this case, the black was the most appropriate. Paint is applied in two layers.

    That's the result!

    It looks like a ready wardrobe penny shelves. The idea of ​​a modest and simple to implement, but it allows you to put your items compactly!

    I am delighted with this design ...

    Just look at this homemade miracle! When not specifically located finance and the cabinet is needed desperately, this idea is very rescue. Get a decent!

    Now I also want to make cabinet in the hallway in a similar way. I have painted all the shelves in some bright color: green love ...

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