If you catch it on a chicken egg, in any case, do not eat it!

I am interested in this issue, as I began to prepare the eggs for your 3-year-old daughter. If you feed your baby, you reflect on the quality of products like never early ...

Chicken - Bird predator. The diet of healthy poultry must include beetles, worms, rodents and even snakes! Also, the chicken should move a lot, to be in the fresh air long enough and have good immunity. Only in this case it will lay eggs, healthy!

Eggs are laid sick chicken, easily distinguished from the good eggs. Sharing useful information, which has become a real revelation for me ...

How to check yaytsaDlya start check shell eggs. < Raw eggs from healthy chicken is difficult to break, hard shells, thick enough. The richer diet of poultry, the better its conditions of life, the thicker the shell!

Pay attention to the color of raw egg yolk. Best egg yolk is orange, the deeper, the better! Pale yellow yolk color - a sign that the chicken snesshy he lived in poor conditions and ill

. Such egg contains less nutrients and vitamins than healthy chicken egg. To make matters worse, dull yolks may contain harmful bacteria that cause severe stomach infection.

Important yolk and the thickness of the egg from a healthy chicken contains quite thick yolk. In bad egg yolk always thin.

Armed with this knowledge, you can choose the best products for your family! You just have to buy a fresh eggs in a few places and compare their characteristics. I am sure you will be surprised how much of a difference ...


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