That's why you need to pierce the egg with a needle! Now, I do so always.

Everyone familiar with this nuisance ... When half boiled egg remains on the shell, always very offensive. But we know what we need to do to egg cleared completely!

Using this clever trick, you'll learn how to cook the perfect boiled eggs

How to boil eggs
Before you start cooking, it is desirable to remove the eggs from the refrigerator, so they warmed up to room temperature.

Do melenky puncture in the rounded part of the egg with a needle, pin or button.

The secret is to make a puncture carefully. Do not make too deep a hole and make sure that the egg shell is not cracked. Do not worry, the egg does not flow out: in the round part is the empty space that will protect the contents.

Here it should look like a small hole! Now, the egg is ready for cooking.

Place the egg in boiling water with a spoon.

Vari eggs 6-7 minutes, if you want to get a soft-boiled eggs, and 7-10 minutes - if you wish to cook hard-boiled eggs.

Cooked eggs zaley cold water.

A moment - and the shell easily separated! No problem.

This ingenious trick has been tested repeatedly by us! It works always. Try it and you are so cook eggs, the result will please you!

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