Women around the world have lost his head after learning tools recipe, from which the fat literally melts!

Junk food, wrong mode of the day, the lack of physical activity will inevitably lead to an increase in subcutaneous fat It is fraught with not only complexes with respect to appearance, but also causes considerable damage to health.

Undoubtedly, a healthy weight loss - it is a long process that requires a properly balanced diet and regular exercise ... help the body lose weight able to home remedy for weight loss of «Website» <. br>
How to lose weight in two nedeli

200 ml apple cider vinegar 3 dried figs ul >

toothpick puncture dried figs and place them in a sealable container. Pour dried apple cider vinegar and let it brew for the night. On next morning press figs from the liquid and eat, and in the evening fit in the remaining vinegar 3 new fruit.

The specified amount of vinegar should be enough for a week. On the 8th day, prepare a fresh batch of money, even topping 200 ml Apple Cider Vinegar Continue treatment for the above scheme a further 7 days.

This means you not only speed up the metabolism and clean the body, but also receive a portion of the necessary vitamins, because the benefits of figs had not heard just lazy!

Undoubtedly, you should tell your friends about this wonderful recipe slimming.


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