That is what is fundamentally different from the brown egg whites! I did not know, did not know ...

Around the difference between brown and white eggs a lot of rumors. Some people think that brown eggs are healthier and tastier white. Others believe that the white eggs are designed for baking desserts and a variety of cakes. Today, our editors will dispel the myth about this ...

How useful eggs
Eggs are highly nutritious
The eggs contain useful vitamins, minerals and protein. Frequent consumption of eggs has a positive effect on the condition of the hair, and of the whole organism. On average, one egg contains about 80 calories. Cholesterol in eggs is only a positive effect on the body
It is contained in the yolk lecithin and balanced (special substance that helps process the fat and cholesterol). Heat-treated egg useful raw
The raw eggs are often hidden harmful bacteria - salmonella. She is killed by heat treatment. The white eggs are not less useful than brown
Contrary to the popular myth that brown eggs are much more useful than white, it is not so. White eggs are no different from the brown. The thing only breed chickens that carry the most eggs. The color of the shell depends on the suit laying hens: egg pockmarked from brown and beige, and white hens lay white eggs. When choosing eggs should not pay much attention to the color of the shell! Read detailed how to recognize the good eggs in this article helpful.

Dietary eggs are much healthier dining
All the eggs can be roughly classified into dietary and eating. Dietary considered eggs stored at the correct temperature is not more than 7 days after laying. Table eggs are stored up to 25 days. Eggs should not be stored next to foods with strong odor
Due to the porous structure of the shell, the egg easily absorbs odors.

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