A conversation between two angels. A fascinating parable

Our thinking has always influence on our destiny. As if we did not want not to believe it, but if we think that everything is bad, then so be it, because the universe always fulfills our desires and thoughts. Any thought - this is the promise of energy in the universe. < Website publish parable that shows how important it is to be able to appreciate what we have, and use all the features.

WikimediaRazgovor two angels. Angel looks at older strictly subordinate.

- Reported. In a nutshell.
- He's alive. Goes to work. What a hope.
- What
? - Hard to say. Twice I showed him a happy dream - does not see. He says he gets tired at work.
- And what about the
? - Yes, like everyone else. Bosses. Vanity. Smoking-room. Rumors.
- The authorities severely
? - Yes, boss as the boss. The same as everywhere else. Afraid he did for some reason ...
- Fears drove
? - By itself. On the way to the office. Wings brandished over his head. Cloud even clocked. I had to go to the wing on the ear to notice the sun.
- Cute stranger on the road? On the heels. With the smell of disturbing spirits?
- Well, wrong, ... Nose to nose pushed in the subway
. - And how
? - Yes way. "I'm sorry" and further in their thoughts.
- And after work
? - The shops. TV. To wash the dishes. The Internet. Sleep.
- TV broke
? - Of course. New bought for some reason ...
- Internet disconnected
? - Five days in a row. He was just hanging around at work. Till late evening. They can be so.
- So. A weekend?
- Sleep till noon. Cleaning of the apartment. In the evening - friends, stupid talk, vodka. Home after midnight. In the morning with a headache under the blanket. Or the TV. Or to the computer.
- And she
? - Very close. Three houses. In the same supermarket for groceries go.
- In turn confronted
? - All as expected. And on top of instructions - at a bus stop, on holidays
. - Lines of Fate checked
? - Yes, combined! The fact of the matter ... It is a city ... This way of life ... Well, I can not anymore! An impossible task!
- Conversations! Where is your list of strong substances?
- Here it is, boss. Flu with fever and delirium. Dislocation fracture. Car accident. Bankruptcy. Fire. Riots in the streets. Financial crisis. Civil War ...
- Enough. In the name of Love to extremes resolution deemed to be received. Just choose something one. Run!
- There carry

Moral heed and use all the opportunities that God gives you, and then your angel will not have to resort to extreme measures

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