She tucked lemon peel in a sock ... When I found out what it is, I was thrilled!

I want everything to be perfect. All women - perfectionist, for them, every detail is important, but when it comes to appearance or health ... enough energy to review the thousands of options to solve the problem and choose the best

! If you cracked heels , recommend to use this effective, but a little-known method. No cream, no ointment for cracked heels did not give such a result! Long-suffering dry skin on heels reborn under the influence of lemon peel ...

How to treat pyatkiTebe need
1 lemon Socks moisturizer or skin oil

squeeze of lemon juice and set aside to the side. To this end, the therapeutic agent you need only peel and a little lemon pulp!

That's what we need to treatment heels !

Place the halves of the scrubbed lemon directly on the heel.

Put socks on top of the lemon peels. Keep the healing compress on your feet for 30 minutes. Half an hour to relax and restore the skin of feet - it's quite a bit! But the result will please ...

After 30 minutes, take off your socks, throw half a lemon and take a look at their heels. Lemon peel and pulp contain essential oils that soften skin and renew it: all the old skin cells are easily removed. < Cracks on the heels will become less noticeable after the first procedure, and if you carry out this treatment regularly, foot skin is flawless!

Apply some moisturizing cream or oil on the feet. I usually use coconut oil, I love it ... This action will strengthen the finishing touch to the skin and helps smooth heels stay long! After scraping nutrients lemon butter or cream very well penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. This is an effective Treatment of cracks !

Long time use this remedy and talk about it to their closest friends. All are very pleased, because the cracks on the legs - a common problem, and it would be desirable that the skin beautiful and healthy

! Tell us and you about this wonderful recipe to friends, they will appreciate your concern!


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