So you need to use the square shelf: these 12 ideas to change everything in my house!

< Square shelf - a piece of furniture, which will be responsible for maintaining order in the whole house! Thanks to them, can be placed in different rooms a lot of things at the same time save space and make their order. Take a look at these ideas, most of all I liked the number 6

Organization of order in the house
  1. Square shelf near the washing machine: improvised laundry, which is very convenient to use !

    Minibar decorate the interior. Already I know who advise this idea!

    Cleanliness and order in the house - this is especially the cleanliness and order in the areas where you most work. Shelves can organize a workplace right!

    Such a shelf beside the bed for sure will come in handy!

    The idea for the nursery, playroom, nursery or art studio.

    Stereo: square shelves help bring order to a music fan.

    Dressing room, where all the things in mind: very comfortable, everything is at your fingertips ...

    The bedroom is not only comfortable, but also very spacious, if properly use the square shelf and space!

    Seating Area, where I want to spend more time.

    I always have problems with the storage of shoes. Putting a few square shelves in the closet, I changed the situation!

    Towels and bath accessories are no longer scattered all over the bathroom!

    I dream of this coffee table!

    Ideas are ridiculously simple, but it really helped to arrange the most convenient things. < The establishment of order in the house is facilitated by several times! Share this article girlfriends, share techniques, improving quality of life.


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