Natural remedy for unwanted hair. Gently and without pain destroys everything!

< Removal of hair on the face is no longer a problem for me! Antennae have many women, and even if there is no antennae, the light down there exactly ... The reasons may be different: heredity, hormonal disruptions, use of oral contraceptives

. This simple tool removes all wonderful: not only the hair on the face, but also unwanted hair on the body I encourage you, happy with the result!

How to get rid of unwanted volosIngredienty
2 tbsp. l. ground coffee 1 hour. l. soda water

Mix coffee, water and soda into a thick mush. Apply the mixture to the skin above the lip and gently rub. Wash mask scrub. If you will use it every day for a week, hair and fluff will disappear without a trace!

This wonderful mixture can be left on the skin, gluing plastic wrap on top. Action means natural increase, the hair follicles will be removed completely!

To use caution coffee and soda against unwanted hair, if you have a dry skin type of the person, as a means of very strong and can cause irritation. Be sure smazh sensitive skin moisturizer after home treatments.

Share useful recipes with friends, means removes the hair really soft!


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