She dipped her feet in a bowl of ice water. Upon learning of the reason I do so regularly!

Always hated the cold shower! Since childhood, all go on about the benefits of hardening, but to steel himself and to get under the spray chilling - means to use all the resources of willpower. Very cool, very pleasant, a real shock for the whole body.

Post hardening I was forced to health problems. Frequent headaches are not held, and the doctor advised this procedure. One need only do the bath with water and ice
Once the body gets used to the ice bath, you can proceed to the pouring water

Pouring cold water
Due to the douche can lose weight! Cold water is speeds up the metabolism and leads to tone the skin, the fat cells burned more active throughout the day. Cold shower reduces fatigue, a sense of tension and pain in the muscles. < After dousing with cold water, hair becomes shiny, smooth, because the water temperature so smoothes the hair scales. Washing with cold water helps your skin stay healthy persons and young! This will help avoid over-drying the skin. Water treatments improve circulation. It enhances immunity, protects the skin from wrinkles and gets rid of cellulite.

Benefit pouring overstated! Tell us in the comments if you have ever tried to pour cold water and whether you felt the healing effect. < Procedures for hardening can radically change your life and health, it is worth a try!


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