Fast hair growth thanks to this trick! A month later, I could not believe my eyes ...

Getting on the hair, castor oil a beneficial effect on hair follicles. She carefully wraps each hair, giving it a smooth and well-groomed.

The oil effectively affects the dormant bulbs, stimulating their active growth. Read our article, how to treat hair with this tool ...

How to speed up hair growth
Castor oil for long lashes < /
Apply the oil before going to bed should be pre-wash makeup. For the application, you can use a brush from the old carcasses. Thoroughly wash it, and distribute a thin layer of castor oil on your eyelashes. But remember that an overabundance of oil can create the next morning effect swollen eye. We perform this procedure during the month, and the result will not take long.

For thick eyebrows
Before you apply a remedy, carefully wash away all the makeup. A thin layer of oil is distributed throughout the surface of the hair, and in the morning Take away the remnants of funds. Within a month your face will be transformed!

Anti-hair loss
Castor oil has a rather viscous consistency, so before using it need a little warm up on water bath. When the oil becomes less viscous, mix it with a tablespoon of your favorite balm for hair and one tablespoon of pepper tincture. Thoroughly rub the mixture into the scalp. Put on plastic cap and wrap head with a towel. So you need to stand for half an hour, and then thoroughly wash your hair with shampoo. We perform this procedure once a week for three months.

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