Suffice it to massage the area for 45 seconds, so there was a tremendous change!

If you are tired, have a headache, the brain thinks bad and absolutely no energy - try to carry out this procedure! After 45 seconds, you are bound to feel better, and if you repeat such a wonderful self-massage on a regular basis, migraine recede forever.

Massage from head boliNekotorye head area especially sensitive to the effects. One of them - the furrow between the brows. Lightly tap on it and gently massaged. A minute later, the headache will not track and improve your general condition!

Massage Pros frontal head area
Preventing headaches Getting rid of stress < Improved blood circulation in the head and neck area Treatment of insomnia The normalization of intraocular pressure The stimulation of the brain
< br> Now you know, how to do head massage with a magic effect! Do not waste time in vain - just try it, and I know that the result will please you ... Do not forget to give this valuable advice to your friends, showing them our article



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