Just put a lemon in the microwave and see what will happen in 20 seconds!

< Lemon juice is the perfect complement to the most delicious dishes. But, you see, it is quite difficult to completely squeeze out all the liquid from the fruit. Today we will share with you a secret, how to squeeze more juice from a lemon !

To get the maximum amount of juice, you need only a little to warm the lemon in the microwave. Hard to believe, but it really works! Spend an experiment, when you need a fresh batch of your favorite juice ...

How to squeeze the juice without the need sokovyzhimalkiTebe
1 lemon a cup or small bowl Knife

Master class on squeezing juice of lemon see this video.

Ease kitchen chores not only yourself, but also your friends ... Do not forget to take care of their health, spend detoxification with the lemon drink!


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