She bought two clay pots and 6 stands to make home a paradise!

Followers of Feng Shui say that the waterfall, however small, established in the north-western part of the premises may provide well-being and prosperity at home
The indoor waterfall with their hands - this is a great alternative to expensive manufactured goods, as well it will turn out completely unique and relatively cheap cost

Home vodopadTebe need
1 clay pedestal diameter of 35 cm 1 clay pedestal diameter of 18 cm 1 clay pedestal diameter of 15 cm 3 clay stands 10 cm 1 clay pot with a diameter of 15 cm 1 clay pot with a diameter of 10 cm pump for indoor fountains hose pump liquid silicone paint decor (rocks, plants)

processed with paint from spray most greater in diameter stand. This should be done for the additional moisture resistance, as the clay - rather porous material

. Soak in the water all the capacity for about an hour. Thanks to this trick then it will be easier to drill holes.

Drill a hole in the base diameter of 18 cm thickness of the hose edge processed file.

In one of the small stands inscription edge on 4 sides for water drainage. In other make only 2 of the recess.

In a pot of 15 cm diameter and make recess 4 at the edge and in the bottom of the hole.

Connect the water supply hose to the pump.

Pot diameter 15 cm flip upside down and dropped to the widest possible support. Spend the hose side, dragging it into the groove on the edge of the pot, and pulled through a hole in the center.

Top axle stands 18 cm in diameter.

Cut off the excess portion of the hose, and the opening of the treated liquid silicone.

Small pot also set upside down and place one on top of the small plates.

The lowest tier of the waterfall will consist of two small coasters, set one upon the other.

Decorate fountain with stones and plants.

Beauty! Do not forget a time to change the water from time to time.

A detailed description of the process of creating a home fountain see in the video.

The murmur of the water has a calming effect and helps to relax completely. This piece of paradise in the apartment. If you enjoyed this a great idea to share it with your friends!


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