Drinks just 1 cup of this drink in the morning, and the stomach will be flat! That will accelerate the metabolism ...

This drink has captured my attention immediately: I saw the recipe a terrific combination of products! According to Ayurveda, sweet fruit perfectly combined with herbs, helping the digestive system to work. After drinking a cocktail on an empty stomach in the morning, you significantly speed up your metabolism. The effect persists for a day

Cocktails for at home weight loss is easy to prepare, the main thing - to have a hand blender. This drink is very popular thanks to unusually rich taste, I recommend to try!

Homemade cocktail pohudeniyaIngredienty
300 g spinach 3 stalks celery 1 banana < 1 apple 1 pear 0, 5, Art. water

Preparation Mix all ingredients in a blender. Optionally, you can add them to the cocktail a pinch of cinnamon or ginger powder, spices accentuate the spicy fresh taste!

Fat on the abdomen and flanks are often the result of improper digestion and slow metabolism. < fat burning shakes for weight loss to help correct the situation! This retseptik suitable for rapid weight loss: a week after consuming the drink you will be slimmer, and your digestive system will work like a clock

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