Market relations: you can be fired at any time

Social networks filled video woman in a red dress, a consultant on the relationship that guides his listeners that it is impossible to deal with men who get (in the capitals, in the province can be lenient) to 50 thousand from 80 thousand - well, if you very necessary, but normal, long-term relationship is created only with men earning a million a month.

Video provoked ridicule wave, but it reflects well accepted system of ideas: the relationship - it is also the market. There is a market for goods and services, there is the labor market. Some people are more interesting for employers than the other, must learn to be more attractive employee to be able to make a good impression during the interview, resume correctly.

We must learn to "submit themselves" to bargain for a more appropriate pay and conditions. On the other hand, the employer should consider how it attract better workers, offer them something that will keep them in their home companies, when they will try to lure competitors.

So runs the economy, its inevitable part of - competition. Your place can always take a man ready to do the same thing better, faster, or harder for less. Each of the parties, employers and employees, cares about their interests.

Labor legislation exists to somewhat soften the position of the weaker party (usually employees), but the essence of the competitive economy remains unchanged. It is hardly possible to change - at least so far, such attempts have failed. This fallen world.

But in this world there are islands of a different order of things, glimpses of another reality, where there is unconditional love, devotion and concern for another person for its own sake, rather than trying to get something for yourself. This parenthood, friendship, but above all, a marriage - when the man and woman decide to be together "in sorrow and in joy, in wealth and in poverty, in sickness and in health, until death do us part"
He may be ruined even become incapacitated, it may grow old and getting fat to lose appeal - but they will be faithful to each other, because they have decided to choose each other

. In our time (although not only in our) sounds a lot of voices that say that this type of relationship is wrong, patriarchal, deprives people of their freedom, at last, is unrealistic. People talk about the absolute values ​​of freedom, the ability to create and sever relations as they wish. Well, it inevitably creates a situation of market relations - and it has all, but women -. Especially

This is not, of course, like in the video, on prostitution - but we are talking about the benefits of the exchange, exactly like the one that comes on the market. If you have something to bring to the market (on the part of men is money), then you will be interested buyers. No - well, not lucky, you're not interesting to anyone

. The trap here is that the market capitalization of the men usually grows - the coveted millionaire makes a career, enhances skills, acquires acquaintances and reputation. But the fact that the market makes a woman - sexual attraction - moving backwards

. A man in a million who seized the lady will be surrounded by crowds of young, fresh, which, being of the same opinion in ten, fifteen and twenty years, and that she, too, have views of that million. But the crowd around her wealthy fans will no longer be.

Moreover, not even through the years, and now it will have to compete with the crowd soiskatelnits, after establishing a relationship - it does not win. In this market, there is no labor law, you can be fired at any time. A woman always loses in this game. But the man also, of course, does not win - he, too, can at any time to throw for a more attractive option in the market

. But the most unfortunate - is that the need for love, a close, trusting relationship, when people know that they do not give up and not throw them to remain unsatisfied

. Yes, people involved in market relations, usually deny itself this need. They are strong, independent, they were never particularly needed - but for this, as a rule, it is worth the pain of collision with a world where love and faithfulness are not supposed to, sometimes - severe suffering from the betrayal of another and undermine the ability to trust

. But we humans have created what we want - in the depths of our heart - to love and to be loved, accepted, adopted and precious in the sight of others not for what we can bring - and for ourselves. Build a relationship of love and loyalty and trust - a big job, and also dangerous, you can really be faced with betrayal

. But they are worth - looking for them, we find risky luck; leaving the market relations we get a guaranteed bad luck.

Author: Sergey Khudiyev


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