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The more questions - the fewer answers
. Do you remember how you laughed once?
Around the July Summer smiled,
And I lay down on my paper airplane wing.

And it seemed to me, you unravel,
I find all the keys in Cambodia il Burma.
And your fears in the eyes read,
That's just ... confused verses rhyme.

And I do not write and did not have a muse,
And so it was boring summer evening in Kiev.
And thy hands I
excessive load Tired and lay down on the hard shoulder.

Then I smiled Ceylon under the wing,
I had on a Bolivian earrings.
Are you lost in the Asian trash,
While I was playing lankiets light reggae.

Suddenly, in the way I was greeted by a muse,
And I became a mother February grayness.
My city was filled with jazz and blues.
And I wanted to live and write again.

And I'm with him desperately, sharper and cleaner.
His deeds and dedicate line,
I know that people are looking for all my life loved,
But there may even be alone together.

Floating in the clouds, my paper plane,
But you did not call me, it's not difficult.
All those who before him - was just matter,
And after him one can not be.

I do not need more than to wander the world,
I am very afraid to lose this feeling,
Let tomorrow inscribed white dotted line,
I'm sure of it will leave a trace in the art.


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