Global clean - the best way to radically change their lives

Look at your life right now. You feel that something is wrong? Maybe you lack motivation? Or you do not know how to make a choice, do not hesitate to change?

In fact, the answer to that uneasy feeling can be found in everyday details. < How do you deal with the routine, a lot can really be said about how you are doing everything else.

When I was at university, my room could win the nomination "Mess of the Year". And in my life I was a mess. I chased depression, and household stuff I was just not care, and so many problems. < I do not bother to order, so a mess of my room, smoothly flowing in a perpetual mess in my life.

Of course, I did not connect these things, until not decided to conduct a global purge of all aspects of his life. < Setting aside domestic problems and contribute to the postponement of problems in other areas -. That's what I understood

There is a simple solution One fine morning, I just reached a boiling point, realized that can no longer tolerate this mess in my life, and set to work. I decided to start with cleaning my room and work space. Somehow it is the desire spontaneously. In fact, this is the right decision in this situation, so it is the first to come to mind, and.

This simple act has helped to launch a brand new model in my life. Of course, I can not say that the daily cleaning radically changed my life, not at all, but it launched the mechanism of change, put, so to speak, the beginning. < And that is what has allowed me to see the lack of clarity that has been in my life as a whole. I realized that love is really what "lies" in the wrong place, and that I need to remove.

When the chaos in your life, and it is transmitted to external habits. Therefore it is logical that if we change the external habit, it will help to streamline and chaos in life.

How it goes into other areas of life now that I care about ordinary routine things these habits have started to affect my work, my food, my choice and my mood. I began to live a healthy life, to sever ties with "gruzyaschimi" my life in human beings; decided to quit the university, his specialty, he always hated, and do things that I was really passionate about. All this gave me freedom. I realized that everything falls into place, I like really clean up in the head.

How to approach this plan Go through your life as well as the room before cleaning. What you do not like? I do all in their places? Is there something or someone who keeps you on the road to change? Are there things you would like to do but are not doing? Once you identify the items, you can start cleaning.

Often, a person can just start with some simple material. Go out and do what you are constantly postponed. Start with the analysis of the infinite home rubbish, as I at the beginning of its history. Throw away unnecessary things. Look, feel some ease to the heart after getting rid of this junk?

Eliminating constraints Then you need to identify and clearly define the factors holding you back. Perhaps this lack of knowledge, fear, uncertainty, and maybe even some of your friends. Write down all these things in a list. When you see them together, and in writing, you realize the full scale of how they inhibit you. Write a number that theoretically should be done to resolve a specific problem. Also think about and write down alternatives

Every your problem, we know how to solve, -. Well, admit it We just often think that it is unreal.. Fear, laziness and weakness prevail over us. You just need to clean up in the brain and to understand what is really in your hands. Throw all unnecessary!

Author: Joey Martino
Translation and adaptation of the Website
Preview: Dubova / shutterstock



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