30 Photos ruthlessly who understands only one who lived in a student hostel

Student years - is a golden time in everyone's life. And how lucky people who are imbued with the romance of student dormitories ... Oh, where our 19 years ...

Cheap and fun! B>

The kitchen in the hostel - a place with its own traditions and orders

Each dormitory has its own signature dish

shares in nearby supermarkets save poor students from hunger

Microwave? This is a luxury. And why? B>

Reciprocity - a central tenet in the interpersonal relations of students

Reciprocity - a central tenet in the interpersonal relations of students

Rubber products №2 - a universal thing that should always be at hand

That moment when you are accustomed to smoking in the room, and then set the fire alarm sensor

View from the window can capture the imagination

And remember, how many jokes over the first-year students

Young teachers also not averse to make fun of their wards

Janitor and Commandant - important people in a student dormitory b >

This is when you live engineers

Dear experts, what kind of device at these two pictures? B>

Inspiration can strike at any moment,

Outside the middle of March, and that means it's time to get rid of the Christmas atmosphere

Students - the most resourceful people

And cheap ...

Well, where no duty, which breaks all this romance ...

In the women's dormitories special atmosphere

Guys always had its loopholes to heart ladies

and their secret signs and symbols

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