The gods of mythology in the student

Supreme god in the mythology of the student is the almighty Anuni. This god is completely ruled student life and holds court. Patron Saint of students, their intercessor and assistant spouse Anunaha is free. That it usually turned all student prayer.
 We have a number of gods Anunaha assistants, such as: the almighty Nuifig wonderful sisters and Neseychas Dapotom, brave warriors Nunesdam, Peresdam and Academic. Among the extensive suite Freebies should be made such gods as Votvezet, kaknibud, Yasodral.

There is a student of mythology and evil gods, primarily brother Anunaha sinister Dean. Dean for centuries Anunahom struggling with trying to overthrow him and plunge the world into botanstvo student. But Anuni repeatedly Dean wins, supporting carelessness and apathy.
 Subordinate to the Dean there are many small and pakostlivyh demons: Fail, Nauchruk, term paper, and, of course, ruthless Etodva.
 Every six months, the dark forces are going to the Sabbath, called the session. At this time, the students observe the prescribed beer post and lead a righteous life.
 Especially useful chant ancient books: the epic saga of "Integral", a collection of poems "Macroeconomics».
During the session should be to pray Freebies and its servants ...


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